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Fitness Plans
Contact Fitness
We designed our Contact Fitness program for those who want to take their fitness training to the next level. Our Contact Fitness clients experience increased levels of self-confidence and self-esteem as they learn and practice the same training and conditioning techniques used by professional athletes. If you are ready to train like a pro, then Contact Fitness is for you.
$72.25 - $85.00
per session
Performance Fitness
We designed our Performance Fitness program to help you reach your fitness goals in a positive, encouraging, and safe environment. We use the latest tools in exercise science and exercise psychology to design a custom program based on your personality, starting point, and needs. Our Performance Fitness program gets you the results you’ve always wanted.
$55.25 - $65.00
per session
Kids Fitness
The number one goal of our Kids Fitness program is for our youngest clients to have a fun and enjoyable experience so that fitness becomes a lifelong habit for them. We designed our Kids Fitness program to help our youngest clients increase their strength, coordination, and stability through a variety of structured and non-structured activities.
$42.50 - $50.00
per session
Fit Camps
Lose weight! Get stronger! Feel better about yourself! These are the main goals of our Performance Fitness Centers Fit Camps. PFC Fit Camps give you all of the benefits of our one-on-one training sessions in a more social, group atmosphere. Unlike traditional boot camps, PFC Fit Camps are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals in a fun and energizing environment.
per session
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Questions? Call us: 909-293-8814
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